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Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 15, 2018
“Cabane à Sucre"
 excursion” to St-Eustache
9:30am BUS @ EMSB
10:00 am BUS @ Fairview Pointe-Claire

 February 2018

QPAT-APEQ and Starling are running a 5 day stress management challenge on February 19th, which is also available for all QPARSE members and their families. In addition to building mental resiliency for retired educators Starling provides a safe community for the posting of comments by other QPAT members. We have about 700 comments posted and I thought that this might be a good resource to help manage stress, reduce isolation etc.
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Travel with SENIOR DISCOVERY TOURS, THE LEADER IN TOURS for the 50+ TRAVELLER and make money for QPARSE!

Anyone traveling with Senior Discovery Tours is to contact the President, Renate Sutherland at renate.sutherland@bell.net so that QPARSE can obtain the 4% rebate.

To date, twenty-two trips have already been registered with QPARSE.

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Services of a Notary

QPARSE is pleased to announce the services of a notary who is willing to answer general questions dealing with real estate, wills, mandates, estate planning and settlement, homologation of wills and mandates, and curatorship. Should Ms Dubé act for you, there will be a charge.

Mélanie Dubé, Notary/Notaire
5505 avenue de Monkland
Montreal, (Qc) H4A 1C8
Tel: 514-481-7500
Fax: 514-481-7588
email: melanie.dube@notarius.net
blog: www.mdnotaire.net


Please send us your email address!

QPARSE is looking at making greater use of email in its correspondence with members. This would help us to reduce the mailing and printing costs that eat up a large part of our budget. If you have an email address that you do not think the association is aware of, please send an email message to Jan Langelier.


Our Mission is to promote and enhance the interests and well-being of retired educators through social interaction,
social responsibility, advocacy and cooperation with other organizations on matters of common concern.
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