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March 2017

The National Association of Federal Retirees, coalition partners with the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART), invites us to participate in their “Honour Your Promise” campaign, which deals with the issue of PENSIONS.

The websites www.honouryourpromise.ca and www.respectezvotrepromesse.ca are ready to use, including the “Tell Your MP” tool which sends a message to one’s MP and copies Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

We’ve also built a new section into the Federal Retirees website, available at www.federalretirees.ca/BillC27 (et en français, www.retraitesfederaux.ca/c-27). We have some additional tools available to our members and the public on this page, including our “Tell Your MP” tool, resources to help people in meeting their MP, and social media links.

Sayward Montague
Director, Advocacy • Directrice, Défense des intérêts
National Association of Federal Retirees
Association nationale des retraités fédéraux

January 2017


July 2016

University of Waterloo International Research
and Partnership Grants Survey

Here is a chance to participate in a study funded by the University of Waterloo International Research and Partnership Grant to examine the effects of health on mobility among Canadians. The aim is to determine how health as well as physical, cognitive and social factors influence injury rates including driving and fall related accidents. Findings from this project will lead to program and service development that address the needs of Canadians as they age. Follow up studies will be done in 5 year intervals to see how health, mobility, driving practices, the environment, activity levels and cognitive function have changed. Comparing data every 5 years will result in greater understanding of health and mobility trends among an aging population. For additional insight findings from this study will be compared to residents of France, who have completed the same survey.

The survey is done through Survey Monkey. There are 90 questions asking about your health, mobility, social demographic factors, driving, falls and a few questions on memory, sleepiness and distraction. The survey should take between 45 minutes to an hour to complete. You can stop, save, and return to the survey at any time if you cannot complete it in one go. The survey is available in both English and French.

The survey is completely confidential. Your name and any other identifying information will be removed from the database prior to analysis. You will be referred to only by an assigned study ID (or number). All findings from the study will be reported anonymously and secured on password-protected computers at the University of Waterloo. You are allowed to skip questions throughout the survey should you choose to do so or withdraw altogether by closing your web browser without submitting your responses.

There are 5 small prizes to be won for a restaurant certificate. If you enter for a chance to win a prize the information collected to draw for the prizes will not be linked to the study data in any way, any identifying information will be stored separately, then destroyed after the prizes have been provided. The amount received is taxable. It is your responsibility to report this amount for income tax purposes.

To complete the survey in English, click here.

Pour l’enquête en Français, cliquez ici.

April 2016

The Brainy Boomers - Aging with a Healthy Lifestyle (MCSA)

The McGill University Research Center for Studies in Aging (MCSA)

February 2016

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) recently launched a new letter writing campaign on www.Demandaplan.ca. During the last election, campaign supporters sent more than 40,000 letters to candidates across the country. Thank you partners for your support! The more we unite and voice concern, the likelier political leaders are to take action.

DemandAPlan supporters, alongside the Alliance for a National Seniors Strategy, have an opportunity to once again work with all parties to bring about the change we need in health and health care. We invite you again to encourage your memberships to write a letter to the Prime Minister and their Member of Parliament in advance of the Federal Budget possibly in March.

Click here for more information 

Travel with SENIOR DISCOVERY TOURS, THE LEADER IN TOURS for the 50+ TRAVELLER and make money for QPARSE!

Anyone traveling with Senior Discovery Tours is to contact the President, Renate Sutherland at renate.sutherland@bell.net so that QPARSE can obtain the 4% rebate.

To date, twenty-two trips have already been registered with QPARSE.

Please click here for more information.

Click here to visit their website.

Services of a Notary

QPARSE is pleased to announce the services of a notary who is willing to answer general questions dealing with real estate, wills, mandates, estate planning and settlement, homologation of wills and mandates, and curatorship. Should Ms Dubé act for you, there will be a charge.

Mélanie Dubé, Notary/Notaire
5505 avenue de Monkland
Montreal, (Qc) H4A 1C8
Tel: 514-481-7500
Fax: 514-481-7588
email: melanie.dube@notarius.net
blog: www.mdnotaire.net


Please send us your email address!

QPARSE is looking at making greater use of email in its correspondence with members. This would help us to reduce the mailing and printing costs that eat up a large part of our budget. If you have an email address that you do not think the association is aware of, please send an email message to Jan Langelier.


Our Mission is to promote and enhance the interests and well-being of retired educators through social interaction,
social responsibility, advocacy and cooperation with other organizations on matters of common concern.
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